Happy Valentines Day and Single Awareness Day everybody! For those who are single, enjoy your freedom while there’s a lot of it! Ahaha I’m being bitter because my bf didn’t give me flowers *is shot* *cough* anyway! Love will find everyone so don’t be so impatient about it! *mushy talk* For all the lovers out there, enjoy your evenings!

And so everybody from SC waves a hello. That’s right! We’re not dead! As of now though, the new forum is being reconstructed in a totally new domain! Let’s all flood ippy and sophrenia with thanks for buying and fixing the new forum respectively! And also to our recently retired staff, carbon. You’ve been a big help! We shall never forget you! *bawls* This release is dedicated to these awesome people and to all the people who are in love out there ♥

So having said that, everybody please be patient! 😀 We shall return…

I know. Totally random. But Arnold Shwache…however you spell his last name is totally outdated. *cough* Anyway, on to the releases! (yes, my rambling was totally brief).

♥ Tsuki no Shippo Volume 6 – Yes, we are aware somebody has been scanning the books in english. But we yet to come to a decision on keeping this project yet or not. So for now, enjoy volume 6 as a joint project with the lovely ladies at Enchantment Scans! Thanks guys!


♥ Anate E No Crescendo Extra 3 – With this last side story, the project is completed. Thanks to Intercross for having this joint with us. You guys rock! ❤

Extra 3

♥ Lady Georgie ch.11-12 – Another serving of Lady Georgie! This is a really nice manga. Those who haven’t read it yet, give it a chance! XD


Oh but we’re not done yet! There might be another release to come, so check back! That’s all for now! hanks