It’s that time of year again~! Whether you’re having a White Christmas or just Christmas, we here at SC want to wish you all a very merry Christmas~!! It’s the time of year to spend with your families and thank the big guy upstairs for the all the blessings he’s given us. We shouldn’t forget it’s his birthday as well~! Without him, there’d be no Santa or well…releases today! XD

Oh but wait! There’s another reason to celebrate today! It’s the birthday of one of our translators, Hideyoshi_Yuki! That’s right, she was born on Christmas~~! Cool, right? XD So then, Happy Birthday Hiyu~~~! Your card is in the releases so~~

Of course, for this joyous occasion we have loads of releases for you! Some of these series I know some of you have been dying to get the next chapter of. And what better time to let you know than now? XD

Download Releases Here.