Hey guys! As most of you have probably heard, more and more groups are either closing down or going into hiding because of this whole “war on scanlations“. And I guess we aren’t much of an exception. As much as we want to continue to provide you with manga you can read, I admit that most of us do not want to get into trouble. In that light, we are dropping all our licensed projects (FYGK, Mirumo) and taking off the downloads for Kaikan Phrase. We are also closing our downloads section until further notice. As for our projects, we’ll notify you guys. I don’t want to close SC just yet, not really because of the projects, but because I’ve met a lot of great people here and even now we’re all great friends. So I don’t want the thing that led us all together to close down. Add to the fact that I’m only a “stand-in” admin so I believe I don’t really have the authority to say whether SC stays or not. Anyway, for now, we’ll see how things go. If circumstances lead to closing, I guess we’re just going to close down our scanlation faction. We’ll let you guys know in the following weeks. For now, here’s a bunch of releases that were sitting on our stockpile. Despite all the sad news, it’s also a release for the start of the 2010 Fifa World Cup 🙂

Here for the releases.

The changes that were mentioned will take place by the end of the day. Thank you to everybody who has been supporting us so far. :deepbow: Ah also, please, please don’t upload our releases ANYWHERE. Thank you 😀