Do you guys know the occasion for our release today~? *looks around* Do ya? Do ya? Well~~~ today is SC’s 4th Anniversary!!
We’ve been around for 4 years now and it wouldn’t have been possible without the help of the staff (both active and retired) who have tirelessly worked on releases and for you our supporters who give the us the strength to carry on. Well, since we’ve reached 4 years I hope there will be more to follow. We hope to be able to provide you guys with manga you can enjoy for more years to come. So we look forward to your support!

New releases:
1. Sora Oto extra
2. Hatsumei Princess ch.7
3. Ichigo Jikan ch.9
4. Kiss ni Juzoku
5. Mirror Does Not Lie story02
6. Koi ja Nai no Da v01 extra
7. Koi ja Nai no Da v02 ch.5
8. Koi ja Nai no Da v02 ch.6
9. Lady Georgie ch.33
10. Himitsu no Sakana Pan
11. Nobara no Hanayome ch.2
12. Make Sweet story02
13. Something About Emmaline volume 1
and one lost lamb
14. Megane Megaren x Koi c3

Get them here.