Koi da
Yeah, it´s so soon after the last release, but can´t wait to release such cute joint that we started with imangascans, they´re great guys. So today´s bait is Hiyokoi, that was for long without release, but finally it´ll start again & with new fuel = SC XD
And don´t think we was just lazy to clean sfx, it´s a custom to not do them in IMS, so we just put them as notes. And isn´t it nice experience to be able to see how it looks in original?
Don´t forget to go thanks to IMS as well – imangascans.org
Here ya go – Hiyokoi v1 c4
haha we finished one project yesterday and today we´re starting new one
As usual, you guys can get them here.

No, no, I didn´t fell from pear-tree, spring is nowhere outside in any way possible and not even by calendar. BUT why not release spring connected manga, right? XD
It´s just oneshot, so we again finished one project with this release XP
Oda Aya´s fan will be jumping up to plafond (or if you want ´ceiling´) haha
& you all should just consider to try editor test as thanks
So here you can devour Spring Has Come! – it´s about childhood friends btw XD

don´t forget to tell us your thanks, we´re happy to hear from you & your thoughts about releases as well
As usual, you guys can get them here.