First off all, the title does not mean I’m asleep lol. That’s pertaining to Emily Browning’s cover of Asleep which is from Sucker Punch. Totally amazing cover. As to Sucker Punch, the movie was okay, the visuals were awesome, plot was good, imaginative, character development not so much, OST is AMAZING. But anyway, before this turns into a movie review instead of a release post I’ll stop with, everyone go check it out! XD

It’s the weekend again! That means a release!

One for Saturday and one for Sunday, get them here! 😀

And as usual, I’ve been either too busy to update the website and the forum at the same time so I’ve neglected to add a couple of releases to the website lol. Anyway, if you only check the website, here’s what you’ve missed!

March 7Deep Sky Blue
March 8Onsen de Aimashou ch.5
March 14White Day releases!
March 19Hiyokoi ch.9

*walks off to play more pokemon*