Today is the day to celebrate guys! Well for me and for all the other filos out there ready to start their summer~! My finals just ended and I thought I’d share my joy of (successfully) completing a whole year of torment! :skip: I just hope my grades make me extra happier when they come out gt55: :orange:

Anyway today, we’re happy to announce a new project! We don’t pick up a lot of series so this is a nice change lol. We’re proud to present to you guys… Momo ch.20! We’re picking it up from Starry Heaven who has done an awesome job with the chapters until now~ It’s sad they had to drop it, but we’re going to do our best to make the releases as pretty as theirs! XD So anyway, without further blabbing from me… hereeeeee’s Momo! Get it here!

Happy Summer Guyss~~~!! Enjoy the release!

Also, if you’ve got nothing to do, why don’t you try helping us out part-time? Details can be found here.

The forum has a NEW LAYOUT! Check it out! XD

Releases that have passed while I was busy with finals:
March 31 & April 1 – Sayonara Football & Kiss to Koukai
April 3 – Onsen de Aimashou ch.6