Recently, I have discovered a finger snack that has helped me survive an edit, 2 proofreading and one typesetting job all in one day. And since then, I have been unable to stop myself from devouring those honey-covered little creatures. That’s right folks, I’m addicted to Teddy Grahams (Honey!) and it’s affecting my scan work greatly. In a positive way of course! So if you guys want more releases and you have no talent whatsoever in scanning, translating, proofreading, editing (cloning/typesetting) and qc-ing, be awesome people and send me some Teddy Grahams to motivate me to work more! :hypno:

Anyway, in light of my Teddy Graham addiction and because today is Sunday (meaning the weekend), I have releases for you all today! Get them, HERE!

Recruitment: We’re in need of editors, cleaners, 1 experienced typesetter and a scanner! If you want more releases of your fave series, applying would really help us out! If you’re interested, please head on over to the recruitment sub-forum or the recruitment page for details!

We’re also accepting help in the form of part-timers! For more information, go here: !

As per usual, I’m updating the site with the releases I failed to announce here.
May 7thHiyokoi ch.12
May 10thSorairo ch.3 & Order wa Boku de Yoroshi ka? story02
May 14th7 Centi! ch.1
May 22ndChocolate ch.5
May 24thHybrid Berry v01 extra & Vampire Master ch.9
May 25thHiyokoi v03 extra
May 26thHatsumei Princess ch.8 & Hajimari no Niina ch.1