Hola guys~! It’s the weekends yet again and here’s another duo of releases for you guys~ This week was awesome what with this awesome celebration at school. Epic fireworks are epic. Even though that was probably where all our tuition was spent hoho~ PLUS, this coming week is full of holidays so I’m feeling pretty happy and excited (well, except for that whole thesis proposal thing… OTL)… NO! Think about the awesome mini term break, self!! XDD Anyway, that was that for my weekly ramblings, now on to the releases~!!

Get them HERE!! 😀

Annnddd, if you missed the 4 day-farewell releases for Hiyokoi (the whole volume 4), you can get them, HERE~!

If ya’ll haven’t heard, we’re dropping Hiyokoi because we lack staff to work on it and as mony said, the story-line was getting a tad bit annoying, tee-hee. I mean, where’s all the Yuushin jealousy!? It’s always Hiyo~!! xD
Do not fret though, the gals over at Eternal Heart are still working on it, so you can still get your Hiyokoi fix regularly! ❤

Recruitment: We’re in need of editors, cleaners, 1 experienced typesetter and a scanner! If you want more releases of your fave series, applying would really help us out! If you’re interested, please head on over to the recruitment sub-forum or the recruitment page for details!

We’re also accepting help in the form of part-timers! For more information, go here: http://shoujo-crusade.net/forum/index.php?topic=1576.0 !