GUYS. SO I JUST CAME BACK FROM WATCHING HP7 PART 2. EVEN IF I DIDN’T LIKE THE STUFF THEY CHANGED, IT WAS STILL HP SO IT WAS STILL AWESOME. Best part was The Prince’s Tale definitely. I was crying, to quote Amy from the Big Bang Theory, “like a disgraced televangelist”. I cried at the pensieve part and the part where Harry was talking to his parents, Siruis and Lupin. The effects were awesome as per usual, Mcgonagall’s badass, Neville’s hot, random kiss in the chamber of secrets (wow, that sounds so kinky), etc., made it worth watching. Anyway, in light of the impending Post-Potter Depression that will strike me soon, I declare today SC Harry Potter Commemoration Day! I know it aired, like, 3 days ago or even more if you guys live in the US, but I just got to see it so…


I JUST HAD TO. OKAY. I GREW UP WITH THIS. I’M SUCH A HP GEEK BUT YOU GUYS HAVE TO DEAL WITH IT. I know you guys won’t be complaining anyway, because you’re getting releases and all. Hmph.


ENJOY THE RELEASES GUYS~!! *retreats into her room and rereads Deathly Hallows*

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