Hello! I was going to do a website release first because the forum is being stupid and won’t let me in and my head hurts so bad already but now it seems the forum let me in lol. Anyway! Today is a special day for fishie and the people over at Intercross because today is… their 5th anniversary~!! How awesome is that? Going strong for 5 years xD So to celebrate their special day, we’re releasing something!

Click here to skip over to the releases ;D

EDIT: Looks like the forum became funky (it reverted to some point so the release post disappeared), so for those who didn’t get to get the releases yet, here are direct links:

Sorairo Extra (Joint with IC) – Download
Waruiko no Mikata story02 – Download
Navy Nats ch.5 (Joint with KC) – Download

Recruitment: We’re in need of editors, 1 japanese translator and a scanner! If you want more releases of your fave series, applying would really help us out! If you’re interested, please head on over to the recruitment sub-forum or the recruitment page for details!

We’re also accepting help in the form of part-timers! For more information, go here: http://shoujo-crusade.net/forum/index.php?topic=1576.0 !