For those that still doesn’t know how it works.
If you ask for permission it needs to be done through PM to hemony via forum, at worst mail to No other ways of asking are possible. If you use any other way (like wordpress or mail to or PM to someone else) your permission will be on hold until it get’s to me, so your chances getting projects you asked for is getting smaller.
All given permissions are written in respective series topics, so if you don’t have name of your group written in topic of series you was given permission for, means you need to ask again about it – that goes especially for groups that asked anything via NO-GOOD-WAYS and have no name in topics.
Only one group gets permission for concrete language. That means asking for projects that have already listed group for language you want to re-translate it into is meaningless, because you’ll get NO.


21/06/12 UPDATE
For now, refer to our FAQ.