Hey everyone! Our forum’s down so we’ll be communicating with everyone through here. For staffers, please email haru at shoujo.crusade@hotmail.com as soon as possible. Be sure to mention who you are, especially if your email is different from your forum username. Meanwhile, for recreation and panicking purposes, here is our cbox: http://cbox.ws/?n=2-1858408-6284
— a drifting sc ghost staff

Ack! A releases! Sorry about last weekend, I missed the chance to release!
I got sick and school’s really busy so I didn’t have the time 😡
Anyhow, here are releases!
Hatsukiai ch.5 – Download
Natsumeki!! ch.1 – Download (I couldn’t resist XD This is Nanajima Kana’s current serialization. So good imo. <3)

July 14 EDIT:
Staff-chans who still haven’t emailed me, email me~~! Same goes for newbies!! XD
To Staff who have emailed me, I may put up a temporary forum for us. I’ll keep you guys updated~

New release for today! The first and last chapter we’re releasing for it!
Here’s ch.1 of Tetsugaku Letra~! Link: Download
Don’t worry though, the series will be picked up by Shoujo-Sense right after we release this chapter so skip on over there for future releases of this wonderful series~ :3 Enjoy the release! ^_^

We don't know when the new forum will be up yet. More details on that in the following weeks hopefully 😀
Staff please email me in the email our wonderful sc ghostie gave and please include a list of all you worked on (if you can remember). Thank you~~ 😀

– k4gh