So a little update, our forum is still down so for now I have put the download links of our active projects (still in the process) here at the website in their respective pages. I’ll be doing the same with the Completed projects so until then, please read our previous releases at Batoto~

Also, staff I’ve made a temporary staff forum: . Please register~ Same goes for the newbies (as in newbies applying for staff)! Shoutout to the newbie translators, yukinojen, nikumin and other staff who haven’t emailed me yet~! Please register there! The forum will only be for staff. Readers need not register there because there isn’t really anything else there but stuff for staff haha XD

Anyhow, releases for today!
Futsumashi na Yome desu ga ch.4
Kanzen Date Manual (Finally, huh? XD)

Recruitment: We’re in need of J>E translators, editors and scanners~ If interested, please skip over to the recruitment page and follow the instructions! Read carefully everyone! XD We’re also in dire need of raws for Vampire Master starting from volume 3 to volume 7. If you can help, please contact us at!