Hi guys~! It’s time for the weekend release!
Sadly, as you all figured, the forum still isn’t functional. We don’t really have a date still 😦
But well, let’s cheer things up with a release~
This is a new project which is a joint with Chibi Manga! A oneshot anthology by Hatta Ayuko~!

Download – Kimi o Chuushin ni Sekai wa Mawaru

Enjoy the releases~!

Important stuff
Staff, I’ve made a temporary staff forum: z13.invisionfree.com/scscans/index.php . Please register~ Same goes for the newbies (as in newbies applying for staff)! Shoutout to the newbie translators, yukinojen, silverhastears and other staff who haven’t emailed me yet~! Please register there! The forum will only be for staff. Readers need not register there because there isn’t really anything else there but stuff for staff haha XD

Recruitment: We’re in need of J>E translators, editors and scanners~ If interested, please skip over to the recruitment page and follow the instructions! Read carefully everyone! XD We’re also in dire need of raws for Vampire Master starting from volume 3 to volume 7. If you can help, please contact us at shoujo.crusade@hotmail.com!