Hallo, hallo! Happy New Year to everyone! May this new year bring us more happiness and opportunities~
I want to take this opportunity to thank all those who have been part of, as well as those who provided help, to SC this past year! We wouldn’t have made it to this year without all of you~!! Much gratitude~!

On another note, hope y’all enjoyed the fireworks and the New Year’s celebrations! Here’s to the New Year ahead! ^_^

Releases to kick in the NY~
Hatsumei Princess ch.11 – More Hatsupuri! Isn’t it amazing this is moving again~ I forgot how much I enjoyed how silly this manga is. It’s too amusing~
Renai Demo Classic ch.2-3 – Yay! The continuation of Aoi and Reiichirou’s romance~! I love Reiichirou so much D= H-he’s such a bishie…
Sengoku Danshi Hana no Ran ch.16 – And thus we start off volume 4~! What adventures are in store for our heroes?! Eh. No. lol. For this chapter, we have a little somethin’ somethin’ for the shippers out there ❤

PLEASE READ: I think I’ve regained most of the lost list, so what the heck. Re-translations are open again! To those who’ve emailed me before, I’ll try and dig up those, or you can email me again ;D Thanks for the patience everyone~!


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