*gasp* I make it sound so serious lol. Anyway, as you may have all noticed, we stopped releasing every weekend. Sadly, most of the staff are facing hectic schedules right now and can’t focus 100% on scanlation (nor can I), so our releases have dwindled considerably. For now we’ll be going back to releasing during staff birthdays (this is an exception lol). Aside from the staff and me being busy, we have only one active typesetter (who is also getting busy), which has left the chapters that need to be typeset in piles. I can do some at times (I actually typeset quite a lot) but that keeps me away from the other things that I have to do (scan, translate, qc, etc.) so it’d help if we get 1-2 more experienced or willing to learn typesetters.

Second, most of the completed section has been updated with download links! I finally got off my lazy backside and added them ahah~ Everything except Bloody Kiss in the completed series and half-ish of the oneshots 😉 Thanks a bunch to those who helped upload~~ Second part two, staff section also updated. Hopefully I have all of the new stuff on there now. Most of the time I don’t update it as soon as I get the information so I forget ahah. Someone hit me with a brick XD

Third, for those interested/curious…
Project Updates:
1. Hajimari no Niina – I just got volumes 3-4 so work on Niina will resume now. Hopefully we’ll be able to get the first chapter of volume 3 out soon-ish. Thank you for not pelting the website with your breakfast/lunch/dinner when a chapter didn’t get released for the holiday releases 😀
2. Hatsukiai – Our translator has gone missing (or maybe I should bug him? lol) for this one, so anyone want to help out, lemme know!
3. Horimiya – Welp. We’re still doing this, when the translator gets less busy~
4. Kamisama Game – Chapter 7 will be released soon. We need the rest of the scans for volume 2 and beyond. As per ush, anybody who can help out, drop us a line please!
5. Love Wan! – Omg finish this alreadyyyyy (lol) *cough* Well, we still need the raws for the last volume! If anyone can provide, help!
6. Navy Nats! – This is STILL on hiatus D:
7. Nobara no Hanayome – This is getting worked on, but it seems like it’s cursed to have the staff assigned to it disappear indefinitely…haha…

For those interested about other active projects, don’t hesitate to ask~ I’ll try to answer to the best of my abilities 😛 Future projects have also been updated… Ah love me my Takamiya Satoru…

And finally… Here is the release.

Monochrome Shounen Shoujo ch.14 – It’s Chigaya’s birthday! What’ll Kureha and the gang give him? Can Kureha even afford it?! XD Enjoy~

PLEASE READ: I think I’ve regained most of the lost list, so what the heck. Re-translations are open again! To those who’ve emailed me before, I’ll try and dig up those, or you can email me again ;D Thanks for the patience everyone~!


For you guys who are wondering why there haven’t been any releases of your favorite series, read the recruitment section below! ;D

Recruitment: We’re in dire need of J>E translators, experienced typesetters and scanners~ If interested, please skip over to the recruitment page and follow the instructions! Read carefully everyone! XD We’re also in dire need of raws for Vampire Master starting from volume 3 to volume 7. If you can help, please contact us at shoujo.crusade@hotmail.com!