Here’s a Labor Day release!

Let me tell you, having a cold and being banned from anything cold means suffering because it’s currently summer where I am and it is really, really hot. /end mini rant We’re finishing off two series today! Which makes me happy, because, less work~! Anyway, enjoy them releases! 

7 Centi! Chapter 7.5 – A prologue of sorts. It’s really cute~
Conflict Lovers chapter 4 – An extra which has nothing to do with the main story, sadly. (end)
Order wa Boku de Yoroshii desu ka? story 5 – For the last story, we have 4-komas which are actually pretty funny lol (end)

Don’t forget to thank the staff involved~

1. We’re in need of raws for Monochrome Shounen Shoujo & Natsumeki!. We have the next few chapters translated but no raws.
2. Please take a moment to look over at our recruitment section. We’re aiming to finish a bunch of things, so more help will be appreciated. Cheers!

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