Wow I’m so out of release post titles lol. Anyway, here’s a release before I go on a mini-vacation (because hey, it is summer here lol). Enjoy them releases! Don’t forget to thank the people over at Twinklelie who worked on the scans and cleaning as well!

Hoshi wa Utau 63 64 65 – The end.

And alas, it has ended. Another favorite of mine bids farewell. As a person who enjoys drama and bittersweet stories, I thoroughly enjoyed this one. My only complaint is that we didn’t get to see much rabu rabu. But then, I guess it’s just not that kind of manga haha. Oh well, I guess I’ll just stare at all the pretty shots the ‘ol OTP has together~

Don’t forget to thank the staff involved~

Up next… more Niina! Also, a small poll, should I release the last three chapters together or do you all prefer some suspense in between? lol.

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