Hello all! The summer has passed us all once again (at least, where I am) and that means it’s back to my daily grind filled with endless reading and speaking. Which also means I will have less time to manage SC again. But I’ll try to work on things during my free time, whenever that may be. I’m still very much determined to finish the SC series I can finish lol (all active series are being worked upon, you can all be rest assured). All good things must come to an end, I guess. Which brings me to our release for today~ If none of you have guessed it, we’re ending the main story of one of our most popular series along with a few chapters of some others. Without further ado, here are the releases!

Hajimari no Niina – And with these chapters, the main story of Hajimari no Niina is finished. Just two more extras and we’re finished with the volume. It has been a fun ride working on Niina. It was one of those series I just stumbled upon and fell in love with. After I saw the second story (I wasn’t interested in it at all until I stumbled upon a translation somewhere lol), I knew it was worth working on. Thanks to all the staff who worked on this series! Two more and we’re done!
Download: chapter 17 chapter 18 chapter 19

Sengoku Danshi Hana no Ran – Creeper alert! Creeper alert!
Download: chapter 19

Kimi wo Chuushin Sekai wa Mawaru – My favorite story out of all the one-shots in this book. Having fantasies does pay off sometimes! *Joint with Chibi Manga* (Don’t forget to thank them as well!)
Download: story 02

Tokyo Yamanote Boys – I have no idea what is happening anymore, but I do like Yuuto! The President looks evil!
Download: chapter 6

[There might be another one, but we’ll see!]

Apologies about last time, WordPress just won’t let me post lol. Anyway, enjoy the releases!

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