Hey all. A certain fish dragged me out of my increasing pile of readings, so here I am… with releases! So you all better go and bug her in the Intercross forums! That’s right, all releases today are joints with IC! Finally releasing them hahaha. Don’t forget to drop by over there and give all the staff a big hug! Of course, please include our staff in that hug as well. :))

Papa to Mama Hajimemashita extra, also affectionately called (only by me), “That freaking math one-shot” – Download

Inu x Boku SS chapter 27-28 (Don’t know how many more chapters of this we’ll be able to churn out, but here are some.) – Download 27 | Download 28

Nobara no Hanayome chapter 7 (The actual last chapter of the joint lol.) – Download