Cutesy shoujo for everyone~

Title: Kiss dake ja Kaesenai!
Mangaka: Shigano Iori
Genre: Shoujo, Romance, School Life
Status: 4 Volumes [Complete]
Ryoko attends Tsunashi-gakuen, a private school with an entertainment course. One day, Sei, whose nickname is “King of the Entertainment Course”, kisses her out of impulse. What’s worse, he’s younger than her, arrogant, and a player!

Include extra stories:

From What Does This Lesson Lead To
It’s about the relationship between a teacher and student. How will their love go and end?
also in Honnou Motto Midaretai

Don’t Leave Me
The school prince. Fuyuki, has a secret only Rikka knows and so she ends up being a servant to a snow man.

Volume 1
Chapter 1 – Download
Chapter 2 – Download
Chapter 3 – Download
Chapter 4 – Download
Extra – Download

Volume 2
Chapter 5 – Download
Chapter 6 – Download
Chapter 7 – Download
Chapter 8 – Download
Chapter 9 – Download
Extra – Download

Volume 3
Chapter 10 – Download
Chapter 11 – Download
Chapter 12 – Download
Chapter 13 – Download
Chapter 14 – Download
Extra – Download

Volume 4
Chapter 15 – Download
Chapter 16 – Download
Chapter 17 – Download
Chapter 18 – Download
Extra – Download

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