Cutesy shoujo for everyone~

Title: Hatsumei Princess
Mangaka: Kumagai Kyouko
Genre: Romance, Shoujo, Comedy, School Life
Status: 3 Volumes [Complete]
Super genius inventor Shizuka, a.k.a. the walking National Treasure, fell in love at first sight with Hajime-kun when she was 10 years old. She hasn’t stopped pursuing him for 6 years! Every day, she worked hard to invent something that will get Hajime-kun to fall in love with her. Will she ever be able to win Hajime-kun’s heart?

*Joint with Manga Abyss up to ch.3*

Future releases can be found in the forum.

Volume 1
Chapter 1 – Download
Chapter 2 – Download
Chapter 3 – Download
Chapter 4 – Download
Chapter 5 – Download
Chapter 6 – Download

Volume 2
Chapter 7 – Download
Chapter 8 – Download
Chapter 9 – Download
Chapter 10 – Download
Chapter 11 – Download
Chapter 12 – In Process

3 Comment(s)

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  2. Izzy

    November 19, 2012 at 11:30 pm

    Well, I’ve been waiting for this release (chapter 10) for a long time and I’m hyped to see it released. Keep up the great work!!!

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