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SC is no longer active.

I thought I’d make a post like this since I still seem to be getting applications and all that, I don’t want people to think i’m deliberately ignoring them lol. Anyway, that is how it is. Thank you very much to those who shared interest in helping out though!

May we all meet again someday! 🙂

Left-over Projects Update

Hi all, I just thought I’d post an update about some of our active projects which have been adopted by other groups. Yay! *clapclap* Anyway, here is the list!

Hajimari no Niina
– The 2 extra chapters are being finished by a kind person who emailed me to see if they could. It may be released in this website, so look forward to that.

Hatsumei Princess – Adopted by Shoujo Sense

Kanojo no Namida ga Yuki da Toshitara Adopted by Papermoon Scans
Miss Princess Adopted by Papermoon Scans
Monochrome Shounen Shoujo (for now – dependent on if they get good raws) – Adopted by Shoujo Sense

Dare ni mo Shiranai – Adopted by Papermoon Scans

As of now, I’m waiting for a reply from one of the groups who asked which projects still had leftover scans, etc. After I get a reply, I’ll update this again. Thanks you guys!


As most of you have noticed… SC is pretty much dead now. 😐 School’s been too busy and I’ve also actually lost interest in scanlating, sorry to say. It was a good experience though, the whole thing. Everyone who was in the staff, getting to know them, it was a blast. Thank you to everyone, the staff, groups we worked with, and the readers, who was with us for all these years. Thank you so much for the support!

So um, if anyone wants to continue the active projects, drop us an email ( I may have raws and translations lying around to give you.

Once again, thank you for all the years of support!! May we all meet again someday!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year guys! 2014 is coming to and end (so fast!), any resolutions for the new year? 🙂

Anyhow, here are some releases (mostly last chapters, yay!):


Nobara no Hanayome ch.8 – Last chapter of main story.
Nobara no Hanayome Extra – A cute one-shot about a pure girl lol. END!
Kanchigai Hime to Usotsuki Shimobe ch.4 – Finally got this out lol. END!

Haikei Date Masamune-sama Extra – Gambling extra! *Joint with Evil Flowers END!
Hatsukoi no Itazura story 03 ch03 – The Last Chapter of Hobby Hobby *Joint with Intercross
Hatsukoi no Itazura story 04 – A cute little omake about the authors experiences with her child! *Joint with Intercross END!

Please don’t forget to thank our joint partners~~

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2015 EVERYONE! Let’s make it a good one! 😉


Happy (late) Halloween & Happy Anniversary!


Hello all! Releases for you! 🙂
Bloody Folklore chapter 2 – Download
Futsumashi na Yome desu ga chapter 10 – Download
Natsumeki! chapter 6 – Download
Sengoku Danshi Hana no Ran chapter 20 – Download
Tokyo Yamanote Boys chapter 7 – Download

Enjoy~! Thanks a bunch to all the staff who helped out with these releases! ❤

Edit: I can’t open my account on mangaupdates (for some reason it says my account is non-existent), so can anyone kindly report the releases there? Sorry for the random request. Hope you guys enjoyed! 😀

1. We’re in need of raws for Monochrome Shounen Shoujo & Natsumeki!. We have the next few chapters translated but no raws.
2. Please take a moment to look over at our recruitment section. We’re aiming to finish a bunch of things, so more help will be appreciated. Cheers!

For re-translation requests, please go to the forum. Please don’t post here or through email as it won’t be entertained. Thank you!
2. Past releases can be found at the forum. (Except for licensed series, which have been taken down)


Hi guys~ Here I am with new releases~ It’s a joint with Evil Flowers so don’t forget to thank them too! 😀

Haikei Date Masamune-sama
Chapter 6Chapter 7

We’re done with the main story! Just one last extra! Look out for that one~

A little breather

Hey all. A certain fish dragged me out of my increasing pile of readings, so here I am… with releases! So you all better go and bug her in the Intercross forums! That’s right, all releases today are joints with IC! Finally releasing them hahaha. Don’t forget to drop by over there and give all the staff a big hug! Of course, please include our staff in that hug as well. :))

Papa to Mama Hajimemashita extra, also affectionately called (only by me), “That freaking math one-shot” – Download

Inu x Boku SS chapter 27-28 (Don’t know how many more chapters of this we’ll be able to churn out, but here are some.) – Download 27 | Download 28

Nobara no Hanayome chapter 7 (The actual last chapter of the joint lol.) – Download