Cutesy shoujo for everyone~

Title: Usotsuki na Gemini
Mangaka: Miyawaki Yukino
Genre: Drama, Romance, Shoujo, Tragedy
Status: 3 Volumes [Complete]
Aoi and Rin are twins who are very close to each other. Aoi is a tomboy who is also a big kendo nut while Rin is a budding designer. Aoi, after losing a fight against a former acquaintance, Izumi, decides to hunt him down for a rematch but somehow Rin doesn’t like the idea? What does he really see her as?

Volume 1
Chapter 1 – Download
Chapter 2 – Download
Chapter 3 – Download
Chapter 4 – Download
Chapter 5 – Download

Volume 2
Chapter 6 – Download
Chapter 7 – Download
Chapter 8 – Download
Chapter 9 – Download
Extra – Download

Volume 3
Chapter 10 – Download
Chapter 11 – Download
Chapter 12 – Download
Extra 1 – Download
Extra 2 – Download
The End.

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  3. Spkilla

    November 5, 2012 at 7:52 pm

    All The Links Except For Chapter 10~~Link Back To This Back

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