Cutesy shoujo for everyone~

Title: Sora Oto
Mangaka: Takamiya Satoru
Genre: Supernatural, Romance, Shoujo, Comedy
Status: 2 Volumes [Complete]
“Heaven” is a company. The job of the “Messenger of Death” is to deliver the souls of the dead to heaven. The Messengers of Death are ranked according to ability. Uka, a “Rank C” dropout, is normally an average, easy-going high school girl. One day, she is teamed up with Tsumugi, one of the “Rank A” arrogant elite!

*Joint with Midnight Scans starting Volume 2*

Volume 1
Hane Oto – Download
Sora Oto ch.1 – Download
Sora Oto ch.2 – Download
Kimi Oto – Download
Extra – Download

Volume 2
Sora Oto ch.3 – Download
Sora Oto ch.4 – Download
Sora Oto ch.5 – Download
Sora Oto ch.6 – Download
Sora Oto ch.7 – Download
Sora Oto ch.8 – Download

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